Engineering Services

Product Development & Sustenance

Our New Product Development & Sustenance offering includes solutions, services and products spanning the complete product development life cycle, from ideation through design to manufacturing and production across various industries.

Embedded systems are designed to perform specific tasks for the devices in which they are embedded. Because of their purpose-specific nature, and as they are sometimes embedded deep inside a complex system, the designing and testing demands are extreme for these systems.

Client Challenges

  • Better & smaller designs with new features, technologies & improved usability
  • Introduction of new products within shorter time frames
  • Need for rapid evaluation of product designs through virtual prototyping
  • Reduced costs
  • Availability of modular and reusable components for easy scalability, enhancements and localization
  • Optimization of product performance and reduced product development costs

What Agilitron Provides

  • Product Design, Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Value engineering to optimize product BoM and / or design from a cost perspective
  • Reverse and re-engineering to facilitate compliance, product documentation and upgrades / enhancements