Environment Monitoring Systems

Outpost is a modular environment monitoring system that prevents disastrous situations resulting from climate and power related issues within mission-critical environments, Our system gives you actionable alerts in real time reducing revenue loss, guarding reputations and preventing system downtime, damage and data loss.


  • Input HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • Temperature Threshold
  • Humidity Threshold
  • Smoke Threshold
  • Voltage +/- 48


  • Relay based indicators
  • Temperature indicator
  • Humidity indicator
  • Smoke detector
  • Motion & Entry sensor

Deliver Value

Monitoring Parameters

  • Temperature (0C – 50C)
  • Humidity (0-100% RH) (DHT-11)
  • Smoke (Minimum, Medium, Maximum Smoke)
  • H2-LPG, LH4, CO, Alcohol
  • Motion, Door Entry Sensors

Statistical Model

Outpost taps into systems power consumption and monitors/logs it for abnormalities over time, if the values are not consistent with the average values or available database, it can proactively detect and predict a fault before it happens, saving on both system downtime, damage and data-loss.