Engineering Services

Embedded Systems

Agilitron performs basic and applied research, development, and rapid prototyping of advanced embedded systems using strong engineering standards. The expertise encompasses applications that require data management, information extraction, real-time processing, and power management.

We help evolve the right innovative solutions that deliver engineering excellence and operational efficiency, ensuring you stay ahead of competition. Our solutions are deployed across agriculture, pharmaceutical, telecom, defense and power sector.

Technical Areas

  • Advanced middleware
  • Low-power embedded systems
  • Power electronics
  • Algorithm development
  • Data analysis
  • Emerging hardware technologies
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Software Engineering

System Applications

  • Autonomous Control Vehicles (UAV, UUV)
  • Image & Video Processing
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Line Tracking
  • Signal Processing
  • Test and Evaluation

Deliver Value

Bill of Materials

Bill of materials is valuable in many ways to product design, development, and assessment processes. Agilitron recognizes this value and we develop bill of materials for our hardware designs covering the mechanical, electrical, and engineering aspects of each product.


In the design process, having a collection of footprints accelerates the entire process. Agilitron has its own footprint library and also maintains clients’ libraries to accelerate the design process. As the information in library is included after exhaustive testing, using the footprints from library also enhances the design reliability.